Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monument: I now available

Sol Y Nieve's first release, Monument's "I", is now available. Monument makes murky, psychedelic, meditative black metal. It's a limited run of 50 on simple white cassette. Aside from buying it straight from me, you can also purchase it from these record shops:

Logan Hardware

Out of death comes new life.

I'm sure that all 5 of you that read this blog have noticed that it's not been updated in some time. I no longer work my cushy desk job that allowed me the time to service this site, so it won't be continuing in it's present state any longer. It will be continuing, though, as the blog for my tape label (which i have aptly named Sol Y Nieve) and news about my various music and art projects. All the reviews i have done on this site will be transferred over to my other blog, Catena Aurea, which may be updated on a semi regular basis. Thanks for reading this blog up to this point, and i hope you continue to do so.